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The Veneers

A typical method of dental beautification is the use of veneers, a very thin layer of porcelain (less than half an mm) placed on

  • teeth (especially dark) that do not respond to classic whitening.
  • broken or decayed teeth and could also place on.
  • could also place on teeth with simple spaces to fill them.

it also characterized by their ability to maintain the enamel of the teeth and do not change color and do not need to bleach after a while but need special and continuous care.

One of the most important things to consider is to choose dental centers specialized in this field, which

subsequently contain doctors with strong medical experience in the field of orthodontics, especially in the lumineers and veneers installation.

teeth also serve a very important role by giving the face its distinctive shape (after the eyes and eyebrows) with the perfect shine smile.

What are orthodontics? and what they do?

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that is concerned with treatment of teeth misalignment and restoring their shape and function using braces, retainers, and other dental devices. When to resort to orthodontics? This specialty is concerned mainly with misaligned teeth ...

What are the causes of tooth grinding? and how to treat it?

Many people grind their teeth sometimes. But some people grind/clench their teeth most of the time causing great harm to their teeth and jaw. Causes of tooth grinding The main cause of teeth grinding is anxiety or stress. Abnormal bite ...

The magical ways to retrieve your bright smile again (Veneers)

Teeth serve many functions between physiological ones such as cutting food, chewing and facilitating swallowing. And speech functions such as the formation of character and sound pronunciation. It also serves a very important role by giving the face its distinctive ...


Gingivitis Definition It is a common gum disease (Gum: is the tissue surrounding the base of the teeth). Healthy gums should be pink, pale and doesn’t bleed. Gingivitis causes irritation, inflammation, erythema, swelling of the gingiva. Unfortunately, gingivitis is not ...

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