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This unit at Magrabi focuses on the diseases, diagnosis and treatment of the ear and its connecting structures, including hearing and balance disorders and injuries.

Conditions like Otitis, Cholesteatoma, and hearing loss are treated through the following sub-units:

a. Audiology Unit

This unit identifies, diagnoses, treats and manages conditions regarding the auditory system that affect hearing in children and adults. That includes:

  • Early detection of hearing loss in infants and newborn
  • Diagnosis of hearing loss causes
  • Prescription of Hearing Aids.
  1. Vestibular Unit

The Vestibular Unit deals mainly with issues related to the Vestibular system that influences balance. That includes:

  • Diagnosis of vertigo and dizziness causes
  • Management of positional vertigo
  • Vestibular and Balance exercises

c. Cochlear Implant Unit

The Cochlear Implant unit works to restore hearing to profoundly hearing impaired patients through an electronic device. This device is implanted and activated in the inner ear through these steps:

  • Evaluation of Cochlear Implant patients of all ages by hearing and speech testing
  • Pre-operative fitting of Hearing Aids
  • Psychometric analysis of child and infants
  • Speech evaluation of pre & post lingual patients
  • Surgical implantation of cochlear implants
  • Post operative tuning and fitting of external speech processor
  • Auditory and speech rehabilitation


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