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Laryngology & Phoniatric

The Laryngology and Phoniatrics Unit at Magrabi Hospitals deal with patients with conditions, diseases and injuries related to voice, speech, language, swallowing (Larynx), and hearing.

The heath of the larynx is vital for swallowing, breathing and sound production. That’s why disorders such as: Laryngitis, Vocal Nodules, Dysphagia and more are treated at Magrabi Hospitals, as well as:

  • Diagnosis and Management of delayed language development
  • Rehabilitation of deaf children.
  • Diagnosis and management of speech disorders.
  • Assessment of voice problems
  • Acoustic Analysis of voice
  • Voice therapy
  • Laser phonosurgery
  • Diagnosis & treatment of globus and dysphagia
  • Diagnosis & treatment of laryngeal lesions
  • Flexible hypopharyngeal and laryngeal endoscopy




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