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Riyadh Hospital JCI Re-accredited

Riyadh Hospital JCI Re-accredited

Riyadh hospital received its JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation for implementing the highest standards of quality and patients’ safety. The hospital got a score of 99% which is one of the highest scores ever for a hospital.

Each hospital and healthcare organization that applies for JCI accreditation takes about two years to prepare. During this time, the entire hospital works together to develop and implement the high quality and patient-safe policies, practices, and procedures that are required to meet the standards.

During the on-site evaluation, the team of expert JCI physicians, nurses, and healthcare administrators visited the organization and evaluated more than a thousand measurable elements. Through interviews with staff, patients, and leadership, along with physical inspections and reviews of records, the survey touched every part of the organization and provided a complete evaluation of the effectiveness of the hospital’s patient safety and quality system.



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