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EVO Visian ICL 3000 Club

EVO Visian ICL 3000 Club

Magrabi Hospitals & Centers got a membership in the EVO Visian ICL 3000 Club during STAAR Surgical 13th international EVO Visian ICL Experts symposium in Malmo, Sweden, September 2016. In attendance of  Dr. Mohammad Alaa Eldanasoury,Chief of Cornea and Refractive Surgery Departments in the group and Chief Medical Officer and Dr.Khaled Al Arfaj, Executive Medical Director,Magrabi was certified implanting more than 3000 ICLs.

STAAR® developed, patented, and licensed the first foldable intraocular lens, or IOL, for cataract surgery. Made of pliable material, the foldable IOL permitted surgeons for the first time to replace a cataract patient’s natural lens with minimally invasive surgery. The foldable IOL became the standard of care for cataract surgery throughout the world. STAAR introduced its first versions of the lens, made of silicone, in 1991.


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