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What is cataract?

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What is cataract?

Cataract is a normal result of aging. As the age approaches 60, the opacity of the eye lens, also known as cataract, increases. Frequent change of eyeglasses is one of the alarming symptoms for cataract.

Definition of cataract:

Cataract is the turbidity of the lens of the eye that lies behind the pupil, which is responsible for redirecting light to the retina.

Cataract types:

1- Nuclear hardening:

It is the most common type of cataract targeting the center of the lens. It occurs as a result of aging, as the lens nucleus intensifies, and causes poor vision and various visual problems.

2- Cortical Cataract:

One of the most prominent symptoms of this type is the occurrence of flare and dispersion of light at night and occurs as a result of a change in the water content that surrounds the lens causing cracks.

3- The posterior capsular cataract:

This type results in blackout in the back of the lens, as the light is concentrated in the back of it, so the symptoms may vary from person to person because of the size change.

4- Congenital cataracts

Which are present at birth or form during a baby’s first year, are less common than age-related cataracts.

5- Secondary cataracts

Which are caused by disease or medications. Diseases that are linked with the development of cataracts include glaucoma and diabetes. The use of the steroid prednisone and other medications can sometimes lead to cataracts.

6- Traumatic cataracts

Which are developed after an injury to the eye, but it can take several years for this to happen.

7- Radiation cataracts

Which can form after a person undergoes radiation treatment for cancer.

Main symptoms of cataracts

  1. Frequent change of eyeglasses within months’ intervals.
  2. The patient’s feeling that the colors are faint with a feeling of poor lightening
  3. The appearance of halos around the light source when exposed to the sun or car lights at night.
  4. Eye fogging and visual blurs.
  5. The patient feels he sees the world through curtains or opaque glass.

Causes of cataract:

  1. Ageing: The age group who’s at risk 55:80 years.
  2. Genetic background in the family or a previous incidence to a family member.
  3. Exposure of the eyes to the sun without protection for long periods of time may cause the appearance of cataract.
  4. Diabetes
  5. Infection and inflammation of the eye.
  6. Exposure to radiation directed to the head or eyes.
  7. Corticosteroids intake.
  8. Direct eye infections may cause the appearance of cataract.

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Cataract Treatment methods

In the following paragraph we will explain the treatment options for Cataract:

SurgicalCataract Treatment :

Three stages of the procedure:

Anesthesia and pre-operative preparation:

The local anesthetic is used, and the patient does not feel any pain during the operation

Drops used to dilate the pupil.

Procedure (cataract treatment):

The surgeon performs a small incision in the eye not exceeding 2 mm where the ultrasound device disintegrates the lens, and then puts the new one

Post-operative: (cataract treatment):

The patient can go out on the same day and goes on with his normal activity the next day.

Laser Cataract Treatment

With regard to cataract treatment, the Magrabi Eye Hospital has the latest cataract treatment technology called Femto-Laser, which can remove lens opacity by laser-beam controlled by computer, in less than 15 minutes.

Herbal treatment of cataract:

All recent scientific publications have proved that herbal-medical treatment of cataract is not significant and may worsen the condition, so hereby advise all our patients not to use these medicines without your ophthalmologist’s attention.

We hope we have explained all you need to know about cataract in a simple and easy way, awaiting your comments and your inquiries and will be answered as soon as possible.

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