Orthodontics and types of orthodontic devices

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What are orthodontics? and what they do?

What are orthodontics? and what they do?

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that is concerned with treatment of teeth misalignment and restoring their shape and function using braces, retainers, and other dental devices.

When to resort to orthodontics?

This specialty is concerned mainly with misaligned teeth that could be caused by the crowded jaw, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and misaligned jaw.

What type of orthodontic devices is good for you?

There are many options for treating misaligned teeth, only your dentist can know what is best for you and your teeth. After thorough examination and knowing your needs exactly, your dentist will choose one of the following options for you.

Types of orthodontic devices


Metallic braces apply gentle pressure on your teeth to slightly shift its place over time. Your dentist will fix brackets on the front (or back) of your teeth then connect them with special wires that will be tightened every 4 – 6 weeks for almost 2 years putting your teeth back into their proper place.

Ceramic Braces

There are other materials used in braces like ceramics that are almost as white as your teeth making them practically invisible, and aesthetically more appealing.


Sometimes either metallic or ceramic braces are the best options for you. So your dentist may advise you to use aligners that are hard plastic teeth suitable for dental trays. And you can easily remove and clean them. But as they are easy to remove they are also easy to lose.


One of the latest innovations in orthodontics is Veneers. It is a thin tooth like porcelain that goes directly on your crooked teeth. They are the best, fastest, easiest solution for fixing stained and/or chipped teeth.


Lumineers are patches designed to make a dramatic change in the shape of the teeth in terms of color, shape and coverage of spaces (if any). You do not need to trim or change these patches regularly because they simply do not change color and they are absolutely painless.

After Treatment with orthodontics

Caring for your braces/orthodontic devices is mandatory to avoid and prevent gum diseases and periodontal complications. This means proper brushing, avoiding hard food and artificially stained drinks.

Magrabi’s advice

If you have suffered all your life from misaligned/crooked teeth, improper bites or simply a dull smile, with the new advances in orthodontics you can fix these problems with braces, clear aligners or veneers. Each has its pros and cons and only your dentist can advise you with the best choice for you

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