The differences between Femto Lasik VS Lasik VS Femto Smile for laser vision correction

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The differences between Femto Lasik VS Lasik VS Femto Smile for laser vision correction

The differences between Femto Lasik VS Lasik VS Femto Smile for laser vision correction

There have been a variety of corrective procedures for treatment of vision errors and new techniques have emerged to treat all types of vision errors, including Lasik, Femto Lasik, and Femto Smile, but what is the main difference between them and how to choose

What is best lasik procedure for you and what is the advantage of each vision correction surgery?


What is LASIK?

In short, LASIK is the technique of using laser to adjust the shape of the cornea for the treatment of vision defects, such as (myopia – hyperopia – astigmatism).

What are the visual deficiencies that Lasik processes?

While 50% of people suffer from visual impairment, but the most prominent are the following three:

1. Treatment of myopia:

The main problem is focusing of light in front of the retina instead of pooling on its surface, which causes blurring in the sight of distant objects.

2. Treatment of vision defects by Lasik: hyperopia (farsightedness):

In this case, the light accumulates behind the retina, leading to a blurring of nearby objects.

3. Treatment of vision defects with LASIK processes: astigmatism

In the case of astigmatism, light accumulates on several points on the retina resulting in a blurring of vision regardless of their distance.

Types of LASIK procedures?

There are three types of LASIK operations to repair vision defects, each of which has its characteristics. Each of them has suitable conditions for treatment. It can be summarized in the following points:

1. Correcting errors by LASIK:

In this process, a microkeratome device – a surgical scalpel – is used to remove a part of the cornea so that the surgeon can beam the lasers on the cornea to change its shape, to correct vision errors, short sightedness, and astigmatism.

2. Correcting visual errors using Femtolasik:

This process is not different from the previous one except that the microkeratome device is not used at all, and surgeons use a substitute for it , the laser device femto second laser this also address the shortcomings of vision such as far, nearsightedness and astigmatism.

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3. Correcting vision errors with Femto Smile:

In this process laser is used exclusively to correct vision errors, which has excellent results in cases of near,Farsightedness and astigmatism.

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Which is the better Femto Lasik VS Lasik?

Doctors consider the femtosecond procedure to be better because of its full dependence on lasers, and its side effects is less, compared to the conventional Lasik process.

Which is the best Femto Lasik VS Lasik VS Femto Smile?

As noted above, the diagnosis of vision defects determines the type of process. The process of LASIK and the femto second procedure treats all types of visual impairment (short sightedness, astigmatism).

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