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How to get rid of eyeglasses forever

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How to get rid of eyeglasses forever

Know more about getting rid of eyeglasses forever and what are the disadvantages of the use of eyeglasses and what are the alternatives of eyeglasses such as medical contact lenses and laser vision correction procedures where the latter includes three types of operations are the traditional LASIK,FEMTO-LASIK and FEMTO-SMILE.

Eyeglasses are no longer the practical solution to improve or correct vision because they always hinder you from performing your daily tasks at work, playing with your children or exercising. Today, we learn about ways to get rid of them forever so that your life improves for the better.

Disadvantages of using eyeglasses [Disadvantages of eyeglasses]

Of course, you cannot swim with glasses unless you have a special expensive swim glasses designed especially for you to swim in.
Causes fatigue during reading and if you take them off, you will not be able to read clearly.
May prevent you from practicing your daily activities normally.
As for photographs, your look will change every time with every new pair of eyeglasses you wear!
In addition, rain, sweat and vapors all affect your vision with eyeglasses.

Alternatives to glasses
In light of the technological development that has taken place in the field of ophthalmology and correcting visual errors, there are many methods and alternatives that enable you to immediately dispense your eyeglasses, and can be limited to the following alternatives:

Medical contact lenses
Medical lenses are one of the important alternatives that will help dispense eyeglasses, as they give you full freedom to practice your daily activities without causing you the same mishaps that are repeated whenever you wear eyeglasses.

Characteristics of medical lenses:

  1. It gives you free movement where it does not move on your eye like eyeglasses
  2. People will see your natural face without glasses.
  3. Does not break or get lost like glasses.
  4. You can use sunglasses freely.

Disadvantages of medical lenses:

  1. You cannot use them while swimming.
  2. Does not fit the sandy environment.
  3. You cannot wear them if your eyes are inflamed.
  4. You can forget to take it off before sleeping, and repeating that process can lead to ulcers in the eye.
  5. Cause dry eyes.

Therefore, The Following is considered one of the best alternatives for correcting the eyes and final disposal of the glasses are:

2 – Vision Correction options by Laser:

Clinicians prefer laser vision correction as an alternative to both eyeglasses and medical lenses because they are defective compared with the advantages of laser vision correction.

Lasik operations

Lasik procedures uses LASER in correcting vision errors,  Nearsightedness,Farsightedness and  astigmatism, and LASIK operations are the safest processes to correct vision defects as they do not require extensive surgical intervention.

Advantages of LASIK operations:

  1. Get a vision score of up to 6 \ 6.
  2. Forget about wearing glasses or medical lenses.
  3. No pain during the operation.
  4. Lasik vision correction takes a few minutes
  5. Short recovery period.

Types of laser vision defects correction:

1. Treatment of vision errors with traditional LASIK:

In this process, a device called microkeratome is used. It is a very small medical scalpel that flaps off a small part of the cornea to allow the LASER that will modify the shape of the cornea to work. This process treats both myopia and astigmatism.

2. Treatment of vision defects in the Femto-LASIK:

The process of correcting vision errors is similar to the femtosecond laser, but there is no direct surgical intervention. The femtosecond laser is an alternative to microkeratome, preferably by doctors because it is safer than its predecessor and has fewer complications. It also treats myopia –hyper myopia and Astigmatism.

3. Treatment of vision defects by Femto Smile:

In this process there is no need to create an external incision in the cornea to shed laser beams onto the layers of the cornea. The visumax device prepares the corneal tissue for the operation. In addition, it allows the cornea to be adjusted according to the shape of the eye. The femtosmile process takes 15 to 20 minutes at most, Treating only myopia and astigmatism.

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