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Five reasons will make you visit an eye doctor regularly

Five reasons will make you visit an eye doctor regularly

five main reasons to visit your eye doctor regularly: your addiction to mobile devices and digital monitors, if you are a diabetic, after your LASIK procedure, or you have been wearing eyeglasses, or over the age of 55.

Visit an eye doctor/ophthalmologist regularly

Visiting your eye doctor is a necessity of modern life, despite the attempts of technology to reduce the increasing risks of exposure, but it still affects our eyes, and some diseases may negatively affect our vision, and today we know five reasons why you should visit your ophthalmologist regularly.

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1. If you are a mobile device user

The addiction to mobile devices and the Internet is a feature of this age, yet all those who believe that addiction affects only the addict’s psyche, but also affects his eyes because it is the main factor in that addiction, looking at the screen of the mobile device or computer radiation affects the health of the eye.

Symptoms that may appear in your eye due to excessive use of mobile phone and digital screens

1. Changes in the perception of the eye color
2. The appearance of dark circles around the eyes as well as bulging.
3. Distortion of vision, and the occurrence of double vision.
4. Dry eye.
5. Inflammation of the eye.
6. Eye strain.
7. Headache.

2. after your LASIK procedure

When you finish LASIK, you should follow up with an ophthalmologist to make sure there are no complications after the procedure. Some treatments may be prescribed to prevent these complications.

3. If you wear eyeglasses

Of course, anyone who wears glasses should periodically visit an ophthalmologist to re-assess his acuity of vision or determining an eye refractive surgery to get rid of it.

4. If you are a diabetic

Diabetes is one of the main causes of blindness in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, where 24% of Saudi citizens have diabetes.

Therefore, if you have diabetes, it is likely that it will affect your eyesight and specially Retina so you do not have to wait for the symptoms to appear, such as red eyes, blurred vision, or moving objects in the visual field to make sure your eye is affected by diabetes.

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5. If you are over 55 years of age

If you are over the age of 55, cataract is likely to happen, so you should regularly visit an ophthalmologist after the age of 55 to ensure the safety of your eyes and to prevent cataracts.


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