Femto SMILE is the latest technology in vision correction from Magrabi - Magrabi Hospitals

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Femto SMILE is the latest technology in vision correction from Magrabi

Femto SMILE is the latest technology in vision correction from Magrabi

It has become easier to correct visual errors using Femto SMILE technology, which can be performed in Magrabi Hospitals & Centers.
The latest vision correction technology – Femto Smile – is the treatment of choice nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
Femto Smile is a medical technique that uses LASER, along with luminal extraction, to perform the correction of visual impairments such as astigmatism and myopia.

How long is a Femto SMILE procedure?

It takes 10 to 20 minutes, during which the local anesthetic is applied by specialists. The short time of the operation is due to the effectiveness of the new technique, which appears in the lack of surgical side effects and is considered the fastest and safest in correcting visual errors.

Advantages of Femto SMILE?

Preserving the cornea.
Preserving corneal nerves.
Possibility of treating higher degrees of vision errors.
No pain during or after the procedure.
A candidate can resume daily life the second day after Femto SMILE.
A one step procedure.
Shorter healing time.
Does not cause eye damage.
Incidence of inflammation has decreased significantly.
Does not cause eye dryness.
Clean procedure with zero contamination.
The corneal wound does not exceed 4 mm, which maintains the strength of the cornea.

What is the difference between the Femto-LASIK and the 3D Femto SMILE?

The Femto-LASIK procedure:

The Femto-LASIK is performed in multiple stages and uses two medical devices.

1. The femtosecond laser device:

The femtosecond laser is used to stabilize the cornea and the surgical incisions required to perform the operation.

2. Excimer LASER:

This device is used to ablate corneal tissue through accurate calculations to reshape and arrange that tissue to make the patient’s sight more powerful.

The Femto SMILE procedure:

The Femto SMILE technology is more advanced than the femtosecond, since it does not require the complications of the first process, making it the fastest and most effective, and it uses one device:

Visu-max device:

It is a leading device from Carl Zeiss which has an advanced technique.

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