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Femto-LASIK to correct vision and visual errors

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Femto-LASIK to correct vision and visual errors

The vision correction procedure using femtosecond is a new technique in the treatment of laser vision errors. We will review the stages of the vision correction process using Femto-Lasik technique and the conditions and results of the femtosecond visual correction procedure:

The Femto-Lasik vision correction technique is a quantum leap in the correction of vision errors, since it uses laser completely without any traditional surgical instruments in operation, and here we will know all about Femto-Lasik.

What is the process of correcting visual errors using Femto-Lasik?

As with all Lasik procedures, the technology behind vision correction using femtosecond laser is to drop the calculated laser beams on the cornea to reshape them, thus correcting vision errors. However, in this process it is completely laser-dependent, without the need to use microkeratome, a precise surgical scalpel used in the correction process of Lasik.

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What are the conditions of treatment by femtosecond laser?

The femtosecond laser vision correction process is not used in all cases of correction of vision errors, but is used in certain situations that traditional LASIK cannot treat.

These conditions are:

  1. Very short sightedness.
  2. Cases of fine (shallow) cornea.

What are the stages of the Femto-Lasik process?

The Femto-Lasik procedure consists of two parts, each of which uses a different laser device,

Phase 1: The femtosecond laser

The femtosecond laser is used to lift a thin portion of the surface of the cornea, which is also called the flap.

Phase 2: Lasik

LASIK is used to beam a laser at a specific part of the cornea to correct the vision.

What are the conditions for correcting visual errors using femtosecond Lasik?

There are important conditions that must be met in the patient prior to performing a correct vision of the femtosecond LASIK, as follows:

  1. The most important condition is that the patient is older than 18 years of age, to and that visual error is no longer deteriorating.
  2. In some cases where the visual acuity of the glasses changes rapidly, it is recommended to perform periodic examinations of the cornea, to make sure that there are no changes in it.

What are the complications of the femtosecond surgery?

Complications of the Femto-Lasik correction process are very similar to the conventional LASIK complications:

Flap misplacement:

It is misplacement of the flap made to improve the corneal shape it may be due to the displacement of the eye flap or to direct blow to the eye.

Inflammation of the eye

Foreign body:

Such as dust between the Flap layer we talked about and another layer called corneal lobe.

People who will not benefit from Femto-Lasik?

  1. Patients with glaucoma.
  2. Patients with herpes simplex virus.
  3. Pregnant women due to hormonal changes affecting the degree of vision.

Tips after correction using Femto Lasik?

To avoid any complications, the patient should follow the following instructions to maintain the outcome of the procedure:

  1. Refrain from scratching the eye.
  2. Stay away from any heat source may lead to eye dryness such as potage, oven, or any other heat source.
  3. The doctor may advise you to use natural tears drops for the cornea for a long time after the operation to avoid eye dryness.

What are the final results of the femtosecond surgery?

Eyesight improves after less than 3 hours, but the optimal result is seen during the three weeks of the operation recovery period .Patient will notice a good improvement of vision, and note the final result after 6 months.

Waiting for your comments and inquiries regarding the Femto-Lasik procedure and all comments will be answered ASAP.

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