Dental nerve pain, causes and treatment

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Dental Nerve Pain

Causes and Treatment

Dental Nerve Pain

This pain is caused by the decay of the internal filling of teeth (pulp of teeth). It is one of the worst types of pain that a human can be exposed to. It is also a challenge to the dentist because the sharp and severe pain can make the patient go sleepless for days!

Tooth decay is the main reason for this pain, when the teeth are affected it exposes the nerve endings to all kind of external influences that causes pain like:

  1. cold and hot drinks such as ice cream.
  2. soda and tea.

Also eating sugary food has double edge, as it causes the decay and aggravates the pain and gives free food to the bacteria eating through the tooth. Usually, the patient is affected by the pain in the form of frequent attacks that increases at night.

Treatment of dental nerve pain

The medical treatment:

With continuous scientific progress and the development of dental instruments used in treatment, the journey of treatment has become easier and easier.

It consists mainly of two stages:

  • First is the removal of caries and temporarily fill the tooth until the second stage.
  • Second where the doctor treats the nerve itself and make sure that there is no residue of food or inflammation or Caries to fill with permanent stuffing.

Home Therapy:

Until you reach the dentist, the pain may be stronger than you can handle so you can:

  • Use a few clove oil drops on the affected tooth.
  • Gargle your mouth with medical mouthwash.
  • Saline solution and a tinge of lemon juice.

If you feel pain extending to your ear you can use cool compresses on your face to relieve the pain.

The dentist advice you

Do not leave your teeth without care for a long time, be sure to see your doctor regularly. If you feel pain with every cold meal, make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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