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Choose the perfect orthodontic colors

Choose the perfect orthodontic colors

Throw away your insecurities, now you can straighten your teeth while being fashion forward.

Braces do not only come in the dull silvery stainless steel color anymore.

Now braces are colorful as your personality!

You can now choose your braces’ colors from MAGRABI.

But which orthodontic color would you pick?

In this article, we will guide you in choosing the perfect orthodontic colors for you!

We will start with the orthodontic colors you should avoid!

  1.  Clear bands:

    though they are the easiest choice but unfortunately they make your teeth look yellower and show the food remnants between your teeth.

  2. White bands:

    they accentuate the natural yellowness in your teeth and are the fastest to discolor overtime!

  3. Yellow bands:

    they also enhance the yellow discoloration of your teeth.

  4. Black braces:

    they look like tooth decay! Not a pleasant image indeed!

  5. Brown and green bands:

    look much like food particles stuck between your teeth!

If you chose any of orthodontic colors have former look, please make sure that you keep them clean or they will end up stained with food colors and trust us this is not a good color at all!!

 After covering orthodontic colors you should avoid, Let’s try together the fashionable colors!!

First of all, You can choose every single color you want!

You don’t have to limit yourself to only one color!

You can make the teeth straightening trip fun and enjoyable by choosing different colors for every step along the way!

Or you can choose all the colors simultaneously!

How to choose your perfect orthodontic colors?

  1. Accordingly to your hair and your skin color:

You can choose turquoise, violet, emerald green, navy blue, orange or nude color if you have a dark skin tone. Neon colors will look great too!

Or chose light blue, dark red, bronze, dark green or blush pink if you have a fair complexion. Pastels are always a safe choice!

  1. Accordingly to your eye color:

Chose the color that compliments your eye color.

  1. Accordingly to your style:

Style them in accordance to your outfit for the season, your favorite accessory or the bag you like most!!

Get creative and chose the color you think will match most of your wardrobe!

  1. According to the color you like most!

Whether it is blue, lime or neon pick your favorite color from a variety of options!

Whether it is the color of your favorite team shirt, your country’s flag or even your school’s uniform color, pick the color that expresses you!

  1. You can be more creative and combine colors together!

  • Blue and yellow: for the beach.
  • Green and light: like a watermelon for the summer.
  • Pink and purple: suits all styles.
  • Light and dark blue: feel like a sailor.
  • Orange and navy: you can never go wrong with this combination.

Just think of your braces as your latest accessory!

Chose well and in style!

As much time we have spent to choose the perfect color you have to spend double this time taking care of your braces!

Keep them good, clean braces are trendier than their color!

After all, the color of the braces is not permanent, but the color of your real teeth are!

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