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New world at MAGRABI portal, a new addition containing lite information and some medical tips which are necessary to ensure you a normal, healthy and safe life for you and your lovely family
What is the meaning of scaling? and is it mandatory?

Scaling (aka: tooth scaling and root planing) is ... read more

What are the causes of tooth grinding? and how to treat it?

Many people grind their teeth sometimes. But some ... read more

Problems of bad breath, causes and how to prevent it

Bad breath (known medically as halitosis) is not ... read more

Dental Nerve Pain

This pain is caused by the decay of ... read more

The magical ways to retrieve your bright smile again (Veneers)

Teeth serve many functions between physiological ones such ... read more

Choose the perfect orthodontic colors

Throw away your insecurities, now you can straighten ... read more


Gingivitis Definition It is a common gum disease ... read more

Best way to care for removable dentures

Best way to care for removable dentures as ... read more

Dental Implants

What is the process of dental implants performed ... read more

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